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Grow your electrification business
Deliver lower upfront costs for your customers with point-of-sale incentives and low-cost financing, all with a streamlined sales and payment experience.
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Rebates are slow and complicated.
We're here to help.
Incentives from utilities, states, and the federal government can mean huge savings for your customers and more sales for you.
What can Coral do for you?
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Directly lower upfront costs
Offer instant rebate and tax credit discounts at the point of sale without having to wait for months to receive incentive funds.
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Automate rebate management and filing
Streamline data collection, organization, and filing.
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Guarantee net prices at the kitchen table
Give your technicians the tools to determine eligibility for incentives on the spot and offer customers a price net of those incentives through a streamlined payment experience.
Who is this for?
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Deliver lower upfront costs for your customers, offer a seamless payment experience, and streamline your rebate filing process.
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Drive sales with instant incentives for your contractors and offer flexible payment windows for equipment sales.
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Win share by enabling instant incentives for your distributors and contractors.
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Offer point-of-sale incentives for contractors and homeowners.
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